SignalFx Essentials

02 The SignalFx Data Model (SFX101.2)


Duration: 18 minutes

"The SignalFx Data Model" is the second course in the SignalFx Fundamentals series. It defines the various components of the SignalFx Data Model. This course consists of three lessons (6:30, 5:30, 5:30). Start with the components, dive deeper into dimensions, properties and tags and then see how to send in custom metrics.
Topics covered:
- Components of a datapoint
- How metrics and dimensions uniquely define a Metric Time Series
- How dimensions are used
- Categories of monitoring metrics
- Metric naming conventions
- Different metric types and rollups
- Comparing dimensions, properties and tags

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  • About this Course
  • The SignalFx Data Model (6:30)
  • SignalFx Metadata (5:30)
  • Custom Metrics (5:30)
  • Activity: Using Dimensions/Properties to filter a dashboard
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "About this Course, The SignalFx Data Model (6:30), SignalFx Metadata (5:30), Custom Metrics (5:30)"