01 The SignalFx Solution (SFX101.1)

SignalFx Fundamentals


Duration: 9m 30s

This course is the first course in the SignalFx Fundamentals series. It describes the core SignalFx architecture, various ways of sending data into SignalFx and how we interact with the data.
Topics covered:

- High level description of the SignalFx solution
- Description of the architecture
- Off-the-shelf integrations
- Other ways to get data into SignalFx (Metrics proxy, Client Libraries, REST API)

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  • About this Course
  • The SignalFx Solution(9:30)
  • Activity 1: Install the collectd agent on a host
  • Activity 2: Explore the Integrations Page
  • Activity 3: Explore the Dashboards Page
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "About this Course, The SignalFx Solution(9:30)"