History of Monitoring (SFX-M01)
Monitoring Fundamentals
History of Monitoring (SFX-M01)
Applications and systems have changed tremendously over the last 40 years. In this module, we compare traditional applications to modern applications and how monitoring them differs.
10 Introduction to SignalFx Microservices APM (SFX100_APM)
SignalFx Essentials
10 Introduction to SignalFx Microservices APM (SFX100_APM)
Take a look at the SignalFx Microservices APM product and architecture; See how metrics and traces work together; define common terms and terminology; differentiate between the types of instrumentation.
01 The SignalFx Solution (SFX101.1)
SignalFx Essentials
01 The SignalFx Solution (SFX101.1)
Duration: ~12m This course is the first course in the SignalFx Fundamentals series. It describes the core SignalFx architecture, various ways of sending data into SignalFx and how we interact with the data. SignalFx Solution (8m 20s) Topics...
02 The SignalFx Data Model (SFX101.2)
SignalFx Essentials
02 The SignalFx Data Model (SFX101.2)
Duration: 18 minutes
"The SignalFx Data Model" is the second course in the SignalFx Fundamentals series. It defines the various components of the SignalFx Data Model. This course consists of three lessons (6:30, 5:30, 5:30). Start with the...
03 Use Cases for SignalFx Metrics (SFX101.3)
SignalFx Essentials
03 Use Cases for SignalFx Metrics (SFX101.3)
Duration: 4 minutes
This course is the third in the SignalFx Fundamentals series. It describes the common uses of SignalFx metrics. Topics covered: - How metrics are used for visualization and monitoring - Early warning systems To repeat...
04 Visualizing Metrics (SFX101.4)
SignalFx Essentials
04 Visualizing Metrics (SFX101.4)
Duration: 10 minutes This is the fourth course in the SignalFx Fundamentals series and consists of two lessons. Learn to create charts and add analytics to view outliers and trends. Topics covered: - Dashboards - Creating charts -...
05 Creating Detectors and Alerts (SFX101.5)
SignalFx Essentials
05 Creating Detectors and Alerts (SFX101.5)
Duration: 8:30 minutes
This course is the fifth in the SignalFx Fundamentals Series. Learn how to create detectors and clone detectors Topics include: - Ways to create detectors - examples of when to use which method - Subscribing to...
06 Leveraging Analytics (SFX101.6)
SignalFx Essentials
06 Leveraging Analytics (SFX101.6)
Duration: 10:30 minutes
This is the next course is the SignalFx Fundamentals Series. Using various use cases, this course illustrates the use of analytics in charts and detectors. Topics include: - Using count function - Using expressions -...
07 Collaborating on Charts & Dashboards (SFX101.7)
SignalFx Essentials
07 Collaborating on Charts & Dashboards (SFX101.7)
Duration: 6 minutes
Learn how to share dashboards and charts in this course. Topics covered:
- Sharing dashboards
- Sharing charts
- Sharing a dashboard URL
- Creating and using dashboard variables
08 Introduction to the SignalFx API (3:30) (SFX101.8)
SignalFx Essentials
08 Introduction to the SignalFx API (3:30) (SFX101.8)
This course gives you a brief overview of the SignalFx API. It describes what you can accomplish with the API, the available endpoints and tokens.